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The need for urgent dental care often results from biting into a hard piece of food, a sports-related injury, or an accident or fall that causes severe cracks or knocked-out teeth. If you or a loved one sustained wounded, bleeding gums, or dislodged or fractured teeth and require immediate medical attention, call or make an appointment online today for urgent dental care with Dr. Allison Clark, DMD at Clark Family Dental in New Lebanon, Ohio before serious complications result.

Children's Dentistry Q & A

How are broken teeth handled during urgent dental care visits?

If you see Dr. Clark for cracked or broken teeth, she begins your visit with mouth X-rays to ensure there’s no damage to the root of your broken tooth. As long as the root is healthy, Dr. Clark takes an impression of your mouth and prepares your tooth for a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

Dr. Clark uses resin composites to fill superficially cracked teeth.

How is my knocked out tooth treated during my urgent dental care visit?

See Dr. Clark as soon as possible after losing a permanent tooth. During your visit, Dr. Clark begins by inspecting your knocked out tooth to check for dental root damage and gums for injury. Next, she rinses and reinserts your tooth into its socket.

Dr. Clark then uses either a metal brace or resin composite material to hold your tooth in place. After eight weeks, Dr. Clark performs a root canal on the damaged tooth.

How is pain relieved during urgent dental care visits?

For urgent dental care visits resulting from acute dental pain, Dr. Clark starts by collaborating with you to identifying the cause of the pain. Abscess treatment or an emergency root canal soon follow.

Dr. Clark treats your abscess by lancing the problem area and draining pus from your gums. Antibiotics and pain medicine complete your treatment.

When you need a root canal to treat the pain, Dr. Clark drills a hole, removes the internal pulp and nerve tissues from your infected tooth, and medicates and caps your tooth.

How do I avoid the need for urgent dental care?

There’s no way to avoid the need for urgent dental care entirely, but you can take the following steps to help prevent dental emergencies for you and your family:

  • Wear a mouthguard when involved in sports or recreational activities
  • Avoid chewing hard substances including ice, popcorn kernels, and hard candy
  • Never use your teeth to cut, use scissors instead


Regardless of the reason for your urgent dental care visit, Dr. Clark takes the time to ease your anxiety and explain each step of care. If your dental issue can’t wait and you need urgent dental care, call or make an appointment online today with Dr. Allison Clark, DMD, at Clark Family Dental in New Lebanon, Ohio.

Dr. Clark and her staff have the skills and experience to provide care for every member of your family.

For some younger patients, we know a dental visit can make them nervous and uneasy. Our team works to make our practice environment as welcoming and positive as possible. It is our goal to help your child to not fear the dentist as they age.  Ashley and Tina greatly enjoy helping their younger patients learn the importance of dental hygiene.